Jamboree Introduction

Introduction for the jamboree and Event Mission & Visson.

A Jamboree is a gathering, i.e. a Get Together of Scouts, who are in the spirit of brotherhood, friendship and fellowship and are participating in a numerous activities of skills, fun and entertainment.

Jamborees are held at various levels: The World Jamboree (Scouts from all over the world participate and held once in 4 years), Regional Jamborees (In the Regions of the World Organization of the Scout Movement from time to time as decided by the Organizers), National Jamborees (organized by respective countries) and District Jamborees (or Rallies organized by a District in a country).

Since the introduction of Scouting in Sri Lanka 1912, about 9 National Jamborees and a Centenary Jamboree were held. Since 1998, the Sri Lanka Scout Association (SLSA) decided that National Jamborees should be held in every 4 years, although there have been long gaps previously in organizing such jamborees.

Message from His Excellency President

it is indeed a great pleasure to extend warm felicitations to each and every member of the Sri Lanka Queen's and President's Scout Guild on the occasion of its 23rd Annual General Meeting. For over two decades, the Sri Lanka Queen's and President's Scout Guild has stood as a beacon of excellence, uniting individuals who have achieved the highest accolades as scouts. Their commitment to the principles of scouting, service to the nation and leadership has been an inspiration to everyone. Their outstanding achievements

as scouts have brought honour not only to them but also to the country. I commend the Guild for its unwavering dedication to fostering fellowship among its members and for organizing impactful activities that contribute to personal growth and community development. The continued support for the

Sri Lanka Scout Association is truly commendable and stands as a source of inspiration for all. As they convene to celebrate this milestone and reflect on the journey thus far, it is urged upon them to take pride in their accomplishments and to continue striving for excellence in all their endeavours. Their contributions

to society are invaluable, and there is no doubt that this Guild will continue to make a positive impact for many years to come. I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to all for a productive and fruitful meeting, filled with camaraderie and shared purpose.

- Ranil Wickremesinghe ( President Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka ) -

Message from Chief Commissioner

10th National Scout Jamboree ‘Leadership for Change’ will be held from 20-26 February 2024 in Trincomalee. A team of energetic and committed leaders from Na- tional as well as the Districts are working round the clock to ensure that the Jamboree will be a real life changing experience to all campers.

This jamboree is being held in one of the most scenic locations in Sri Lanka, where both participants and visitors can experience many activities and sites.

We are all excited and look forward to welcome many of our brother and sister scouts as well as officials from other NSOs. As this jamboree is been held after 8 years, we are fully aware of the expectations of our Cubs who will have a day’s program and the scouts who will camp for almost a week.

We have received extensive support from the Chief Scout, Presidential Secretariat, Secretary Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education and several other Government and UN organizations. We welcome all Cubs, scouts, leaders, parents, well-wishers and parents to the 10 National Scout Jamboree.

- Janaprith Fernando Attorney -
- At-Law,Chief Commissioner/Jamboree Chief -


Trincomalee Makeshar Ground,Sri Lanka.

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Feb. 20, 2024 (Tuesday) - Feb. 26, 2024 (Monday)

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We accept 14 years to 17 yearold Scouts.

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Jamboree About Us

To embrace the fellowship and brotherhood of World Scouting

Creating a better society with mutual understanding, peace, harmony and discipline.

Creating more opportunities to the Scouts to develop and improve their knowledge, creativity, skills and talents, behaviour and the socialization based on the Scout Promise and Law.

‘Leadership for Change’


Providing opportunities to the Scouts to gain experience, while participating in different types of activities which fulfill the educational objectives and the real meaning of the Scout Method, Principles of Scouting, the Scout Promise and Law through this gathering with the view to make a Better World.

  • To embrace the fellowship and brotherhood of World Scouting
  • To have fun and excitement
  • To expand their hearts and minds through learning new things.
  • To discover a rich assortment of novel experiences.
  • To learn cohesion, cooperation and to develop mutual understanding in a self-ruled community of Scouts from different backgrounds, languages, religions and cultures to make a Better World
  • To develop leadership qualities
  • To promote Scouting of the highest quality, to be faithful to the Mission, Principles and Method of Scouting adapted to the needs and aspirations of young people in the society
  • To improve self-discipline as a member of the world’s largest youth organization
  • To showcase the unity of the Scout movement to the society and to promote the image of a universal educational movement which is open to all young people to become Better Citizens.
  • To enable the Scouts with the chance to assume new responsibilities to promote peace and goodwill.






Service Team Members


District Official

Message from Jamboree

Ledership for change

Jamboree IT-Team

To embrace the fellowship and brotherhood of World Scouting


Mr. Srilath De Silva

Assistant Chief Commissioner

Team Leader

Mr. D B prashanth

Headquarters Commissioner

Assistant Team Leader

Mr. Chamara Kaldera

Assistant Headquarters Commissioner


Mr. M Vivekshan

Scout Leader


Mr. G Netharshannan

Rover Scout Leader


Mr. A J Franklin

Scout Leader


Mr. R loheeshan

Scout Leader


Mr. D. L . Anjula Madusanka

Scout Leader


Mr. R.L.N.Thiwanka Rajapaksha

Scout Leader

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